Who We Are

Lazy Lab Acres is a family operated, LEO and MIL veteran owned business that focuses on custom furniture and decor.  We also offer a wide variety of laser engraving services to include leather, glassware, tumblers, PMAGs, etc. If you’re not sure if we offer a certain product/service, just ask!

Joe Thomson

Owner | Creator of things

Growing up under the tutelage of a master carpenter, Joe was familiar with and enjoyed the process of building things from scratch.  In 2017, while still employed as a full time police officer in Durham, NC and an officer in the Army Reserves, Joe began making custom products to offer to friends and family.  The hobby quickly turned into a small business venture and in the fall of 2021, Joe parted ways with his government jobs to take Lazy Lab Acres full time.  Joe also created and continues to grow the family’s successful YouTube channel, where he uploads project videos, tutorials, and videos about the homestead.

Jamie Thomson

Super Mom | Support

Jamie has always gone along with Joe’s crazy ideas and aspirations since they were married in 2016. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Jamie is one of the leading outpatient pediatric Speech Pathologists at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.  On the home front, Jamie is an excellent mother and she provides crucial support in promoting the growth of Lazy Lab Acres.  Her future is still undecided, but Jamie and Joe hope that she will be integrated into Lazy Lab Acres on a full time basis in the future.

Emmylou Thomson


Emmylou joined the crew in the beginning of 2021.  She loves all of “Dada’s” robots in the shop and she always wants to lend a helping hand.  She provides the purpose and drive for the family business and has become quite popular on the social media side of Lazy Lab Acres.  She loves all of the animals around the homestead and she can never get enough ice cream.

Sam & Bee


Sam (yellow lab) and Bee (black lab) are the faces behind our business name and logo.  They are always present in the shop, around the homestead, and in our home.  For the most part they lounge around, but they can be “wide open” when roaming around the homestead.

Have Questions For Us?

If you’d like to know more about the products/services that we offer, please send us an email and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

[email protected]